Here is your way to make a one off donation to the company!


LIDLess Patron Scheme

Lidless continuously works to support talented emerging artists at the start of their career. As we are now developing more and more original work, and expanding the amount of projects we are simultaneously working on, now is a better time than ever to support Lidless through our regular giving schemes - Heroes, Champions, and Saviours.

Please read through the options and should you like to donate, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

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Lidless Hero (£50-£99)

- 2 tickets to a Lidless show of your choice.

- Monthly news letter from the company.

- Personal invitation to our events and shows delivered to your door. 

- Acknowledgement on our website.


Lidless Champion (£100-£249)

- Private booking line with bespoke service. 

- Double invitation to an annual "Meet the Company" post show event.

- Priority booking for our shows and events.

- Your own play text of all our original work, signed by the cast. 

- All the benefits of Lidless Heroes.


lidless saviour (£250+)

- Tickets to all Lidless shows.

- Invitation to the company member's other shows and projects in the West End and beyond. 

- An invitation to the Lidless Brunch with company and other Saviours, to discuss current work on the future of the company.

- Mention in all programmes and play-texts produced.

- All the benefits of Lidless Champions. 

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