The Waste lanD


'The Waste land' was completed by T.S Eliot in 1922 and remains one of the most thought provoking and important poems of the 20th century. Merging the western literary canon with allusions to Hindu scripture and Buddhist philosophy, the Wasteland is a swirl of different narrative voices, languages and images; a densely packed critique of life in the 1920s, and society in general. His work centres around people and relationships - asking the question can we ever truly connect to one another, and if so, to what degree? Eliot was writing against the backdrop of the Great War, the horror of his time which caused the fragmentation of Europe and the loss of an entire generation. With the Centenary of the Somme this year and the recent political tension with Europe, his masterpiece has never been more relevant. Inspired by these themes, Lidless Theatre is excited to present a new and dynamic piece of new writing as its debut project.

'The Waste Land' was fist performed at The New River Studios in December 2016. Lidless is currently organizing a second run. For more information, please contact

Cast and Creatives

Director           -        Max Harrison

Assistant Director -         Imran Momen

Designer           -   Kitty Hinchcliffe

The Fisher King    -  Jim-Caeser-Goddard

Madame Sosostris   -      Paulina Keller

Lil Sullivan       -          Bebe Barry

Albert Sullivan    -         Alex Harvey

Lou Davidson       -        Laura Haynes

Beth Smith         -          Lily Smith

Ted Arthur         - Julian Bailey-Jones

Sweeney Stetson    -       Josh Horrocks

Remi Du Bois       -        Ben Woodhall

Cleo Du Bois       -     Radina Drandova

Katherine Tromer   -           Eva Verpe

Andy Thomas        -        Peter Burley